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Monday, June 30, 2008

Monday evening

Today was a day of appointments and transfusions at the outpatient clinic. We are so very impressed with the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance/Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center. Everyone has been so good to us and although they haven't always been bearers of good news; they have been most compassionate and considerate.

Today's reports were good. Mitch has responded favorably to the chemotherapy thus far and everyone we met with was pleased with his blood work. From the doctor to the dietitian, all commented that his numbers looked great.

It's a waiting game now. As I mentioned yesterday, there will be a bone marrow biopsy around Day 14 (counting his first day of chemotherapy as Day 1) and then another one on Day 21. We have been warned multiple times already, to not get our hopes up regarding the biopsy on Day 14. It may not show clear; it is just part of the protocol to do the test at that point in order to document progress. The most important biopsy is on Day 21 which will most likely be performed either Friday, July 11th or Monday, July 14th. Until then, it is crucial to keep the boy healthy - free from all infections, viruses, germs, plagues, etc.

When you're praying for Mitch's physical health, please remember to pray for encouragement. This is a long, tedious process which seems to be getting longer all the time!!



Sunday, June 29, 2008


Mitch was discharged from the hospital today! He was sent home to recover from the chemotherapy in a more comfortable environment. We weren't able to leave until late afternoon since he required transfusions of platelets & blood, but now we're home and happy to be here. He will be followed as an outpatient at the SCCA (Seattle Cancer Care Alliance.)

Samuel had to go home yesterday and Chelsea had to leave today. It was a wonderful blessing to have their company for a couple of days. Tonight, we will meet Matt for a brief visit while he has a 2-hour layover at the Seattle airport. We are extremely grateful for any family time we get!

Please continue your prayers. It is important that Mitch not spike any fevers since that would indicate the presence of infection. He will have a bone marrow biopsy on Friday (likely) which will be followed by another one 7 days later. The 21-day biopsy needs to show clear for the transplant to proceed. We are praying that he is in remission and does not require more re-induction chemo before the transplant.

Thanks again for your love, support & encouragement. We are very grateful.


Saturday, June 28, 2008

Saturday Update!

I hope that this update finds everyone well! Thank you so very much for your prayer! The love and concern that you share for Mitch makes a world of difference and it is GREATLY appreciated!

Today was a good day for Mitch. Physically he is well, still fatigued but nonetheless exhibiting a thankful attitude with a humble heart! No major side-effects to the chemo seem present aside from minor nausea. Praise the Lord for His healing touch! We still pray for entrance into remission as this is the next step through this journey to full recovery (we say with great expectation)!

It is a blessing to see his warm smile and hear his laugh as he joked around with his loving brother Sam! Sam's visit was absolutely fantastic, bringing many laughs and much encouragement. What a beautiful blessing family is!

Countdown to leave the hospital (for this stay), has begun and we are anticipating discharge early tomorrow afternoon; which Mitch is extremely excited for! The main conditions to his release would be nutrition. Praise the Lord for an increase of appetite! I am so very thankful for the sweet blessing that Mitch has the opportunity recover in the comfort of a home, versus a hospital (although this hospital has been a wonderful atmosphere, with knowledgeable and compassionate staff).

Thank you again for your prayers! We continue to fervently pursue the Lord as we confidently claim victory over Mitch's life in Christ! God is so good to provide for amazing opportunities for communication such as this blog. We are very excited to hear from you and appreciate your genuine comments that truly spur Mitch on! Thank you!

With LOVE from our Daddy,


Friday, June 27, 2008

Friday afternoon

Friday afternoon

Thanks for taking the time to find our new blogspot. We're hoping this will make things easier for everyone.

Chemotherapy ended yesterday and Mitch has continued to feel pretty good. He is very anxious to get out of the hospital in order to recuperate at home. His biggest struggle is eating. He does not have much of an appetite and the doctors will not discharge him before he is taking in enough nutrition. They discontinued IV nutrition a couple of hours ago, hoping his own appetite would kick in.

Something I have not mentioned before, but would appreciate your prayer is concerning Mitch's lungs. While in Spokane, they found some nodules on them and proceeded to treat him with antibiotics for a fungal infection. . The antibiotics appeared to be doing the job because the nodules were shrinking but they have not cleared up. The doctors here are watching this closely and seem to be trying to determine the source of the fungus. Several times he has been asked to document every place he has been in his life. They seem to be particularly interested in the fact that we lived in the Philippines. He will be tested for TB (however, the Infectious Disease doctor doesn't think that is likely.) We do not know how or if this will impact the transplant so please join us in praying that this clears up.

Thanks again for your continued prayer support.

God Is So Faithful!!!

Mitch has continued his good "non-reaction" to the chemotherapy. Thank you again for praying with us.

There have been no more fevers since that awful night two days ago; plus, the nausea is definitely under control. Today, the doctor indicated that Mitch may be discharged as early as Saturday to recover at home - depending on how well he is eating. Mitch's response: "If that's what makes the difference, I'll order a Thanksgiving meal!"

We are both delighted to have Chelsea (fiancee) and Sam (brother) arrive today to spend time with us. Obviously, Mitch would prefer waking up from his naps to see Chelsea's face more than having Mom staring at him!! :) And Sam always brings encouragement & entertainment when he comes on the scene.

Mitch's white blood count has almost bottomed out in response to the chemotherapy. Please pray that the leukemia cells are killed, dead, obliterated, erased, wiped out ... pick a phrase. As wonderful as it was to have God pointedly answer prayer two nights ago with the dramatic turnaround ... the job isn't yet completed. He must be in remission for the transplant to proceed. Remission is not confirmed until the bone marrow transplants show clear on Days 14 & 21. This recent direct answer to prayer is more reason to cling to Him and seek His miracles!!

Don't let up warring in prayer. We are still on the front lines.

Thanks so much.