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Thursday, September 25, 2008


The celebration of Mitch's life will be at Timberview Christian Fellowship, Saturday at 1 pm. Details on the Timberview website:

Mitch's obituary can be viewed here:

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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The race is finished!

Let us start by praising our glorious Father for the last 28 years of joy with Mitchell Alan. Early this morning Mitch graduated to throne of God, completing a journey that has been predicated on devotion and obedience to our Lord and Savior. Most of you can attest to the different manners in which Mitch reflected God's love. There will be time to celebrate Mitchell's role here with us at an upcoming memorial service (details will be forthcoming...check this blog or Thanks for faithfully, prayerfully partnering with the family through this challenging process and know that God's glory has always been the goal and Mitch is now reaping the reward of more than 20 years of fruitful service.
The Thomases
I Thessalonians 5:16-18 (It's been Mitch's prayer and we encourage you to continue that prayer in your lives, even if you no longer desire to wear the "Mitch bracelet")

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Weekend update

Mitch remains in ICU.

The main concern continues to be his lung condition. He remains on heavy oxygen flow and they want to keep him here in order to watch him most closely. His O2 requirements moderate during the day but then he spikes a fever and requires more during the night and early morning.

We appreciate your prayer for healing in his lungs. As today's nurse commented (after reviewing his chart), "He's beat this thing before ... " - which he did in early August. The rest of his body is strong so we keep praying for him to "beat this thing again!!"

Thanks for your encouragement & prayers.


Thursday, September 18, 2008


Today is Mitch's birthday. We didn't exactly get "a clean bill of health" for a birthday present, as we had requested. Early this morning, Mitch had a serious breathing episode that triggered a great deal of activity and a transfer to the ICU. However, before they could get everything processed to move him from his regular room, his breathing and all of his vital signs improved enough that he could have probably skipped this move. Even so, the doctor decided to stick with the plan and move him to ICU, hopefully for just 24 hours of observation.

We appreciate your prayers for his lungs to improve/be completely healed; the cancer to be eradicated and for God to strengthen, bless & encourage. When you pray for Mitch - pray for Chelsea, too. Her beautiful smile continues to brighten the room, but you know it's got to be hard for her, too.

Trusting Him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine
(and imagining BIG STUFF!!),


Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Mitch has been back here in the hospital for just over 48 hours and except for a very brief fever spike this morning, he seems to be doing well. He is on antibiotics for a minor bug related to his Hickman line.

The concern I want to have you address in prayer, however, is his lung situation. Once again, the doctors are concerned about his pulmonary function. Reduced lung function is definitely not optimum going into transplant. The lungs are often the first source for infection when his immune system is as compromised as it will be during transplant. The pulmonary team and his transplant team are a bit perplexed about his situation. His apparent health and activity level do not correlate with what they see on the CT scans. They expect him to be much sicker than he is.

As you join us in praying for a miraculous healing - would you pray for the specific details along the way?



P.S. Thursday is Mitch's birthday. You can greet him by responding to this blog or via the email listed above. When we asked him what he wanted for his birthday, his response was, "a clean bill of health." We're all in agreement.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Since Friday ...

Since Friday's update, Mitch's health continues to perplex. His energy and activity level appear improved; his pain level has decreased; his numbers and counts fluctuate stymie-ing any previous pattern.

We had a wonderful excursion yesterday after he had finished at the outpatient clinic. We took a leisurely drive through the country and a brief walk around the beautiful grounds of Warm Beach Conference Center. It was a delight to enjoy the fresh air and ignore the "c-word" for a while.

Sundays always bring interesting developments and today is no exception. Mitch spiked a fever this morning and was re-admitted to the hospital by late morning. By the time he was settled into his room - all his vital signs had returned to normal; the fever had broken and he was feeling pretty good again. He will likely just be here for a couple of days for observation and then return to outpatient pre-transplant evaluation and treatment.

Your continued prayers are greatly appreciated. God is faithful and we are grateful.

Seeking the Miracle-worker and His great work,


Friday, September 12, 2008

Friday request for prayer

We've been back in Seattle for 2 days now. Yesterday was the first time Mitch's blood was checked since our concert of prayer on Monday evening. Even though he has been feeling much better this week - he's stronger, more active, etc. - his numbers did not reflect that health. We are not discouraged. God is bigger than numbers and bigger than counts. He can give full life beyond what science tries to prove.

One hour from now, he starts most testing to determine his eligibility for the transplant protocol. We would appreciate your prayers continuing for a miracle. We would really like to hear some especially good news.



Here are some pictures from Monday night (view from the outside):

View from the inside:

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Sorry for the late update

I have been delinquent in updating you since our Monday concert of prayer. It was wonderful to have our home surrounded by prayer warriors battling on Mitch's behalf. I cannot adequately describe such a wonderful event but Matt did a blog entry while it was happening. Check it out using the link in the right column: The Best Concert I've Ever Heard.

Mitch has not seen the doctor since then nor has he had the type of bloodwork that would indicate whether or not God performed an instantaneous healing. He has been feeling somewhat better - less pain.

We leave in a couple of hours to return to Seattle for him to continue treatment and preparation for the bone marrow transplant for which they have him scheduled. I find myself praying that he doesn't have to go through the transplant but they find him completely free of cancer when we get there. I really don't want the doctors taking any credit for God's work!!

Thanks for your continued prayers & encouragement. He is incredibly faithful and we are reaping the benefits.


Monday, September 8, 2008

Prayer - Monday, 6:30 pm - our house

In case you haven't heard ... Timberview will be running the bus from the church to our home starting at 6 pm tonight. You can park at the church and commute via the bus. (I hear it's a pretty big one - more reliable than good ol' Paco!)

Also, please remember ... our restrooms are not available for anyone to use. We must keep everyone away from Mitch and all potential germs on the outside of the building. Don't forget to make your plans accordingly. Thanks.

Thanks again for joining us.


Friday, September 5, 2008

Back to Spokane

We're home in Spokane. The trip cross-state was wonderful as Mitch was energized and excited to be free from the four walls of his hospital room. It is a delight to be sleeping in our own beds tonight for the first time since mid-June.

We have been boiling water and sanitizing everything over and over since getting here. A major concern is to keep Mitch free from all bacteria that could cause infections. Please pray that we are able to do so.

Monday will be a concert of prayer. Independent of one another, Mitch & Chelsea each pictured our home surrounded by prayer warriors seeking healing for him. We are blessed that many have already committed to join us at our home at 6:30 pm. Those of you in Spokane who have been praying for Mitch are invited to join us. No one will come inside thus protecting Mitch from potential infection but Matt & I will join you outside for prayer. I'd like to ask the rest of you who are not in Spokane to join us at the same time whatever time that is for you. I know that for our Asian partners it will already be Tuesday morning while our friends in England will be in bed but we'd cherish as many voices as possible joining us in concert as we seek Mitch's healing.

Thank you for your continued faithfulness and encouragement. We are a blessed family.


Thursday, September 4, 2008


Sorry for the long silence. After several days of planning to "go home," we are now making arrangements to go home to Spokane and return next Thursday. Mitch's newest doctor has found another transplant protocol for which he qualifies. It is a high-risk option but Mitch wants to go ahead with it. He has to start preparation next Thursday so we will be granted about 6 days at home before our return to start the pre-transplant workup.

We will not be entertaining any visitors while home because of the precarious nature of Mitch's immune system but we seek your prayers that these days are sweet, saturated with the Holy Spirit and totally free from any infection or illness for Mitch or any of us.

Thanks again for your continued support.