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Friday, September 12, 2008

Friday request for prayer

We've been back in Seattle for 2 days now. Yesterday was the first time Mitch's blood was checked since our concert of prayer on Monday evening. Even though he has been feeling much better this week - he's stronger, more active, etc. - his numbers did not reflect that health. We are not discouraged. God is bigger than numbers and bigger than counts. He can give full life beyond what science tries to prove.

One hour from now, he starts most testing to determine his eligibility for the transplant protocol. We would appreciate your prayers continuing for a miracle. We would really like to hear some especially good news.



Here are some pictures from Monday night (view from the outside):

View from the inside:


Autumn Barta said...

We will most definately be praying! We love you Mitch and you have been such an inspiration!

FatSam said...

You Look Great Mitch. You Complete Me. And you had me at hello. Also, you are the wind beneath my wings. Have I told you lately that I love you? Brown Chicken Brown Cow. Peace For Now.