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Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Mitch has been back here in the hospital for just over 48 hours and except for a very brief fever spike this morning, he seems to be doing well. He is on antibiotics for a minor bug related to his Hickman line.

The concern I want to have you address in prayer, however, is his lung situation. Once again, the doctors are concerned about his pulmonary function. Reduced lung function is definitely not optimum going into transplant. The lungs are often the first source for infection when his immune system is as compromised as it will be during transplant. The pulmonary team and his transplant team are a bit perplexed about his situation. His apparent health and activity level do not correlate with what they see on the CT scans. They expect him to be much sicker than he is.

As you join us in praying for a miraculous healing - would you pray for the specific details along the way?



P.S. Thursday is Mitch's birthday. You can greet him by responding to this blog or via the email listed above. When we asked him what he wanted for his birthday, his response was, "a clean bill of health." We're all in agreement.


Jessica said...

Happy Birthday, Mitch!
We have never met you but you are special in our hearts. We have been following your progress over the past year. We continue to pray for your healing and we hope you have a very blessed birthday!
With love, the Phillips
(Will, Jessica, Megan, and Drew - Friends of Jennifer and Luke)

Maryannsings said...

Happy Birthday Mitch!
Sorry this is late, but was out yesterday and did not know. Want you to know you have our continued prayers for your complete recovery. May God bless you!

Mary Singleton, Friends of your Mom and Dad

Linda said...

You don't know me but we know your mom and dad - just to say -
Love in Christ and prayer,
Gene and Linda Keene

lucyball569 said...


Happy Birthday!! I and so many others that have never even met you are praying for strength and healing. Know that if you look beside you and you feel alone, God is carrying you along. May your birthday be a blessed day for you and your loved ones.

God Bless<><
Kristin Kelly (A friend of Chelsea)

skudoozie said...

Mitch! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! If I was there I'd have Chelsea help me run you through the spanking machine! How many spanks will this be??? Seriously, Have a wonderful and blessed birthday, Mitch. We all love you and are praying for God's miraculous peace and intervention in your life.

And maybe I wasn't kidding about the spanking machine. heh, heh! Suzie T

Autumn Barta said...

Happy Birthday Mitch! How amazing would that be if you had a miraculous healing on your birthday!! We will be praying those prayers and specifically for your lung function to improve dramatically! We love you and stay strong!

reginafl70 said...

Mitch, I want to wish you a happy birthday Thursday. (Mine is Friday :-) ) It does not seem like it has been so long since Darrell and I would watch you and your brothers play in the dirt at Camp Cascade while your parents led in worship and your Dad preached a great sermon. Wouldn't it be a wonderful gift for you to be completely healed? That is what I am praying for.
God bless you---Regina Louden

Emily Johnson said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY AWESOME STRONG MITCH, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU. I hope that all your birthday prayers come true. You are an amazing person and not a day goes by that you are not in my prayers (you and Chelsie)

Amanda said...

Happy Birthday Mitch! Hope you are feeling ok. We are all praying for you here in Idaho:)
With Love, the Bendawalds

chaffin said...

Happy birthday Mitch!! Love Scott, Kim, Tanner, and Hanna Chaffin

Lorna Doone said...

Happy Birthday!

Love you, heaps!

Aunt Bonnie

Williedhr said...

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY MITCH! Would you believe that you and I share the same birthday? I'm a few years older than you....:) I haven't met you before, but I know your parents, and they could probably tell you about how many years older :). I, along with many others have been praying for you. I hope you have a super birthday and that your biggest wish will come true. May God continue to touch your life and those around you. You are a special young man and I trust God will bless you in mighty ways as healing comes to your body.

Continuing to pray for you,

Willadean Duncan (Willie)

judy said...

hi mitch
happy birthday!!
we pray your birthday wish comes true.
with love & prayers
steve & judy vreeman

Amy said...

Happy Birthday to you,Mitch! You are in our prayers non-stop. Sorry I am late...we were in Portland visiting with our family.
With Love,Jack and Amy

Soraya said...

Happy Birthday sweetie! We have been praying for you NON-STOP! Keep on keeping and trusting God; He will never fail you! Love you!

Soraya and Family

chrchladi2 said...

Happy Birthday Mitch! You made it and with God's healing there will be many more.
2 Kings 6:16 Do not fear, for those who are with us are more than those who are with them.

May joy fill your day!
The Koons Family

Cathey said...

Hi Mitch - miss you tons! Pray for you mega-tons! Hope you have a FABULOUS birthday as you are a FABULOUS person!

Love ya!


Your Mama said...
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Your Mama said...

Happy Birthday Mitch!

You are in our thoughts and Prayers! We hope you have a very special day!

-John and Briana Katzenberger
(friend's of Sam and Christy's, from Idaho!) :)

Kathy said...

Happy birthday, Mitch! We are praying for you and Chelsea and for all of your family! We haven't met in person, but we are all part of His family. Love to you! Jim, Kathy, Peter and Evangeline Stewart

Kari Morris-Guzman said...

Happy Birthday, Mitch!
May God give you a year of grace, mercy, favor, and complete healing in Jesus' name.

Your friends at Brookside Church
Redlands, CA

God follower said...

Happy Birthday Mitch!

Your aunt and I are praying for you and that lovely bride of yours. We're looking forward to the big celebration in May.We're even more excited to see what God is doing and going to do with all of this.

Love you both,
Uncle Rich