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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Since Friday ...

Since Friday's update, Mitch's health continues to perplex. His energy and activity level appear improved; his pain level has decreased; his numbers and counts fluctuate stymie-ing any previous pattern.

We had a wonderful excursion yesterday after he had finished at the outpatient clinic. We took a leisurely drive through the country and a brief walk around the beautiful grounds of Warm Beach Conference Center. It was a delight to enjoy the fresh air and ignore the "c-word" for a while.

Sundays always bring interesting developments and today is no exception. Mitch spiked a fever this morning and was re-admitted to the hospital by late morning. By the time he was settled into his room - all his vital signs had returned to normal; the fever had broken and he was feeling pretty good again. He will likely just be here for a couple of days for observation and then return to outpatient pre-transplant evaluation and treatment.

Your continued prayers are greatly appreciated. God is faithful and we are grateful.

Seeking the Miracle-worker and His great work,


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