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Thursday, September 4, 2008


Sorry for the long silence. After several days of planning to "go home," we are now making arrangements to go home to Spokane and return next Thursday. Mitch's newest doctor has found another transplant protocol for which he qualifies. It is a high-risk option but Mitch wants to go ahead with it. He has to start preparation next Thursday so we will be granted about 6 days at home before our return to start the pre-transplant workup.

We will not be entertaining any visitors while home because of the precarious nature of Mitch's immune system but we seek your prayers that these days are sweet, saturated with the Holy Spirit and totally free from any infection or illness for Mitch or any of us.

Thanks again for your continued support.



Autumn Barta said...

May your days at home be relaxing and enjoyable and just a glimpse of the many years you will have to came! Stay strong and our prayers will continue to be with you!

Diana Rau said...

We are praying for you even in the midst of our daily routines. We pray that the miracle of healing will be so huge and soon, and of a moment in time that can only be credit to our loving God. We love you Mitch and Chelsea.
The Rau's

shelley said...

Mitch: I know how tough it is...and may those few days at home help you to find your strength. It is a long road and one less travelled but it is do-able...I have done it. May this inspire you towards all the living you have left to do. I had ALL and had my full BMT on September 30, 1988 so I am with you all the way and think you and your wife and family each day. Keep on keeping on that you will be sitting here just like me some 20 years from now sending your best wishes for a full recovery to someone you may not even know!

chaff "4" said...

The chaffin's are praying you'll have a relaxing time at home. We are also praying for this new transplant, that the Doctors will be given the wisdom they need and as always a miracle of healing. Love to all of you.

T said...

I went to high school with Mitch and while I do not know him well, I am (as well as many others you may not be aware of) praying for him and your family daily. May god bless, heal and strengthen your love for him and eachother.

quik12001 said...

I love you buddy. You're the rock-em to my sock-em. "Anything you can do, I can do better..." I consider that our private little montra. I really enjoy being competitive with you and sporting our different talents in whatever it is we're doing at the time. You are amazing man, and your strength and faith far outreach my own and continue to be inspirational. I don't even consider myself in the same league. Know that you are in my prayers regularly, and every time there is any void in thought (which for me, happens frequently) you are in my prayers. I think just for the "void in thought" time alone, I could be considered a prayer warrior for you. I am among the 100's or even 1000's of people across the country that, I am certain, have you in their prayers. Be strong Mitch...God is with you, and I know he hears us.

We love you brother.