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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Sorry for the late update

I have been delinquent in updating you since our Monday concert of prayer. It was wonderful to have our home surrounded by prayer warriors battling on Mitch's behalf. I cannot adequately describe such a wonderful event but Matt did a blog entry while it was happening. Check it out using the link in the right column: The Best Concert I've Ever Heard.

Mitch has not seen the doctor since then nor has he had the type of bloodwork that would indicate whether or not God performed an instantaneous healing. He has been feeling somewhat better - less pain.

We leave in a couple of hours to return to Seattle for him to continue treatment and preparation for the bone marrow transplant for which they have him scheduled. I find myself praying that he doesn't have to go through the transplant but they find him completely free of cancer when we get there. I really don't want the doctors taking any credit for God's work!!

Thanks for your continued prayers & encouragement. He is incredibly faithful and we are reaping the benefits.



Autumn Barta said...

What an amazing God we have, and I agree, I want God to take the complete credit in Mitch's healing! What a testimony of faith that would be! We will still be continuing to pray those BOLD prayers that God will and has caused an ultimate healing and miracle in his life! Lots of Love!!

Tamara said...

Thank you for inviting us on your "Journey" You are constantly in my prayers. I still see you and your sibs as the sweet little energetic boys and girl running gleefully around the yard of the Fruitland church some 25 years ago! I feel blessed to be able to pray for you and your family as I have been called to do through the invitation of the journey. In Christ Love Tammie Aevermann