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Thursday, September 25, 2008


The celebration of Mitch's life will be at Timberview Christian Fellowship, Saturday at 1 pm. Details on the Timberview website:

Mitch's obituary can be viewed here:

(I realize these are not links ... cut and paste into your address bar in order to view.)

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Sami S. said...

Mitch truly impacted everyone, including people he had never even met. You hear the name Mitch Thomas and you know his story, his obedience to the Lord. You meet Mitch and think, "Wow! I want what he has!" He will defenately be missed! But right about now hes looking into Jesus's eyes! One time at extreme days, there wasnt room in any of the tents so Mitch set up camp in the middle of the grass and when everyone woke up we had to be quiet so we didnt wake the beast! And his magic tricks were hilarious!
PS: welcome home Mitch!